Democratic presidential nominee frontrunner Hillary Clinton marked Mother’s Day by calling on the U.S. Senate to pass her Children’s Health First Act. “Nothing keeps mothers up at night more than worrying whether their children will have the health care they need if they get sick,” Clinton said. “We have a moral obligation to our children to give them a healthy start in life.” Her proposed legislation allows states to expand their children’s health insurance programs to cover families who are 400% over the federal poverty line. This would mean that a family of three could earn up to $70,000 and their children could still qualify for coverage. Her bill also offers states higher federal payments so that they can expand their coverage to include more children.

Her legislation also would help identify uninsured children, who already qualify for coverage, and allow families and employers to buy health insurance coverage from the state children’s health insurance programs. Children’s health insurance is one of the less expensive programs to offer. Kids are obviously healthier than adults and they require preventive care more than treatment for chronic conditions. The health care debate in general is one that is very contentious and divisive between Democrats and Republicans, but it seems obvious that both sides should be able to agree that it is critical to provide the 9 million uninsured kids in this nation with coverage. In this case, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  

Clinton campaign press release

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