clinton1.jpgClinton accidentally gives Obama gateway to attack wife

By Amin George Forji

 “I remember what was said years ago by a candidate running for President.”  Obama said a rally on Saturday in Concord.  “The same old experience is not relevant.  You can have the right kind of experience and the wrong kind of experience.” He paused and then continued:“Well that candidate was Bill Clinton.  And I think he was absolutely right.” He added to the applause of his audience.obama1.jpg   Obama was in fact quoting former president Bill Clinton’s famous answer to a debate question in 1992, about doubts of his own experience at the time,  in the same way that  his’ (Obama’s)  has been questioned in the 2008 race by pundits; as he competed for the white House with the former President George Bush sr.

Below is a video link of Clinton’s speech:

Bill Clinton had earlier on Friday, in a Bloomberg Television interview, question Obama’s experience for the presidency in an interview, saying his present experience was only equal to what he had before running for the presidency.

‘’I was — in terms of experience — was closer to Senator Obama, I suppose, in 1988, when I came within a day of announcing. I really didn’t think I knew enough and had served enough and done enough to run.’’ Bill said in the interview, in what appeared to be a slight of the tongue. He however quickly watered it down saying:

“I do not mean that he should not be pursuing the nomination…”

Obama has until now refrained from attacking his major rival, Hillary Clinton- Bill’s wife, because he has Christian himself as a candidate of hope, poised to run a different kind of campaign, that is campaign positively without attacking others. But thanks to Bill’s jab, Hillary was the major target during Obama’s Concord rally:

“There are those who say we they can play the game in Washington. Well we shouldn’t be playing a game when young men and women are dying in the battlefields of iraq,” Obama told the cheering crowd. “We don’t need the kind of experience that leads people into war… the kind of experience that tinkers around the edges instead of doing something fundamental about how lobbyists operate in Washington.”

“We need the kind of experience that I think I bring to this race, of bringing people together to get things done,” he concurred.


He continued that his experience as a community organizer, lawyer, constitutional law professor, Illinois senator and state senator is more valuable than Hillary’s experience “working the system as first lady…”

Obama’s attack seemed to have produced immediate results. His campaign had been struggling to meet it’s ambitious fundraising goal of 500,000 donations from 350,000 people by midnight on September 30th. By Saturday morning, there were doubts whether that goal will be met as donations stalled at 342,000 people representing 492,000 donations. Within hours of Obama’s attack, news spread around and the fundraising surged on his website to 499,433 donations from 349,908 people, as his fans quickly and happily doubled thier impact, an indication that he may still lead in fundraising this quarter, and further that his goal will undoubtedly be reached.

What follows next? It may just be the beginning of what some have be wishing-more momentum to the democratic race, whose candidates have been playing caution.

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