According to a recent report an Illinois clinic will be allowing certain patients to benefit from accelerated treatment that will mean that they can get their treatment sorted out in one day or over a very short period rather than having to do it gradually over a period of weeks or months. This will be done through the use of a multi-disciplinary medical approach.

The clinic is the Multidisciplinary Thoracic Oncology Clinic, which was opened by Edwards Cancer Center and is located in Naperville, Illinois. Patients that are eligible for the accelerated treatment will be able to see a variety of medical cancer specialists all in one visit, which could help to really speed up their treatment and save them time.

Dr. Maria Quejada, medical oncologist with Edward Cancer Center stated: “The huge benefit to the patient is that we’re able to start treating the cancer in about two weeks. It can take up to a month or longer to begin treatment if a patient has to visit multiple doctors and caregivers in multiple locations.”

Dr. David Cziperle, thoracic surgeon with Edward Hospital and Cardiac Surgery Associates said: “First and foremost, patients are getting the most advanced and highest quality cancer care available through Edward Cancer Center and the multidisciplinary team.”

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