Climb in Tibet

Tibet Climb

There is a report out of Kathmandu, according to China Rises that says China plans to cut the number of climbers who can scale Mt. Everest from the Tibet side. That is bad news because climbers like to ascend from the Chinese side as fees and the rules are more reasonable. “The Kathmandu story linked above notes that the China Tibet Mountaineering Association in Lhasa negotiated the fewer climbs of Everest, beginning in spring of 2007, in part to prepare for the 2008 Olympic Torch relay which will see the torch carried to the Everest summit.” But, one group in association with the Tibet Guide School and the Tibetan Mountaineering Association will provide a once-in-lifetime chance to learn personal growth mountaineering skills in one ascent to 6,330 meters. That is about 3X higher than the mile high city of Denver, Colorado. Altec, a premiere corporate training company in China, will take 10 participants (no previous experience needed) on this challenge. I really want to take this trip, but I may be in the classroom from April 28th to May 8th of this year. Last year, Nike’s leaders, interested in improving stride at 18,000 feet and their ability to handle adversity individually and as a team, hired Altec for a similar Tibetan trek. Climbing Tibet As a result I now want to meet the group leaders: Tashi, the youngest at age 26, has twice summited Everest and K2; Picuo is one of the most revered and experienced guides and outfitters in the Tibetan Association. he is renowned for feats of bravery in the Himalayas; Chris Barclay, the CEO and Head Coach for Altec is a sports climber with Himalayan experience and dynamic leadership skills he will share and facilitate with participants. The modest $5000 USD fee, which includes three days of sightseeing and Acclimation in the Tibetan capital, will cover all expenses during the 12 days save airfare to Tibet. Also included is a detailed pre-climb online preparation course to get you safely ready. And here is a major plus: A portion of the monies paid will benefit The China-US Medical Foundation CUSMF created by Barclay to aid brittle bone victims.

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