If Al Gore HIMSELF only knew this. It seems that despite all of the overwhelming concern about the worldwide climate change catastrophe going on this very moment as we speak and which, as we all know, is being caused primarily by the United States of America and everything that it stands for, Germans vacationers still would never think of changing their travel plans in order to play their small if nevertheless crucial part in saving the world as we know it just in the nick of time, or even earlier for that matter. Or is more like, gulp, it’s already TOO LATE and so hey, let’s go down partying?

The later would at least explain the results of a “summer vacation study” taken by the European Tourism Institute (ETI) in which we learn that 93% of those German vacationers asked see absolutely no reason to change their politically incorrect habit of flying all over the place all the time in those “bad” el cheapo carrier airplanes and not taking the “good” el cheapo trains and buses instead. German carbon footprints don’t stink, I guess.

That’s right, according to a certain Dr. Quack (and no, his name was not changed here in order to protect his identity): “These results clearly show that the climate change discussion is not at all relevant for the world champion world traveler German vacationer.” And you should know that there are actually hundreds of thousands if not millions of these world champions out there, too.

So please pay close attention when the next overly-concerned suggestions from Germany come our way about how Americans can cut down on their hot air/carbon emissions when going on vacation (which isn’t all that often to begin with). These folks are clearly on the cutting edge here and know damned well what they are talking about.

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