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Debate Hits Close to Home for DBKP

The climate changes debate rages close to home.

DBKP’s Little Baby Ginn read a report on the effects of superhot magma on the ice shelf of Greenland, the melting of which has been claimed by man-made climate change enthusiasts to be caused by the guy-down-the-street’s Winnebago.

Sensibly thinking that perhaps magma could melt ice, she wrote a sensible article, “Scientists: Greenland’s Super-Thaw Caused by Super-hot Magma Not Global Warming“.

Her article was read by a science guy at Knight Science Journalism Tracker who wrote the following objective scientific assessment about LBG’s article, in an equally-objective scientific post entitled, “LiveScience: Under Greenland, a thin stretch of crust may be helping the melt“.

Some bloggers of the rightish stripe have already embraced and distorted her report – ignoring that it presumes warming air remains the main culprit – to proclaim this as another reason global warming is hogwash. It’s natural stuff like magma, not those trace gases we add to the air, that’s raising the temperature.

DBKP published our answer to the intrepid Tracker yesterday (The Effects of Magma on Ice: Science Trackers Remain Skeptical

Now, Dr. Tony Camplin comes to the rescue of LBG’s scientific assault on man-made climate change. His take echoes Ginn’s.

His remarks remind us of another Climate Change debate: Global Cooling.

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Climate Change 30 Years Ago: Media, Scientists Pimped for Global Cooling


Climate Change 30 Years Ago: Media, Scientists Pimped for Global Cooling

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