A former senior court clerk from New York has claimed that she was unfairly dismissed from her job because she warned people about asbestos in the workplace and spoke out about safety at work. Shelly Warner-Levison was a senior court clerk in Potsdam, New York.

She spoke out about asbestos as Potsdam Civic Center following the death of a former colleague, who died from the asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma. She was fired from her job in August on the same day that a newspaper quoted what she had said about safety in the workplace.

In her complaint Shelly has claimed that her firing was directly linked to the fact that she had spoken out about her concerns relating to asbestos at the civic center. She claims that she tipped authorities off about the presence of asbestos, and that subsequent tests confirmed that asbestos was indeed present.

The complaint goes on to state that she may be seeking damages for loss of employment, loss of earnings, and also for damage that has been caused to her reputation as a result of the incident.

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