The asbestos contaminated vessel, the Clemenceau, which has been at the centre of a legal battle for a decade has finally found a final resting place, which is in Hartlepool in the UK, where she will finally be dismantled. The French aircraft carrier is set to arrive in Hartlepool this weekend, and will still be at the centre of controversy when she is dismantled.

The carrier was previously sent to India for dismantling, but the mission was abandoned after a number of countries refused to take the vessel, which has seven hundred tonnes of asbestos on broad. The vessel was decommissioned in 1997 and has been causing problems for the French government ever since.

Opposition by campaign Friends of the Earth has now been dropped because the standards at the Hartlepool dismantling yard, Able UK, which claims to be among the best in the world, have been greatly improved according to reports. It will also create more jobs in the area.

One official from the campaign group said: “We are not campaigning against the Clemenceau’s arrival, although we have every sympathy with local people who feel their area has been a dumping ground for waste for so many years – steelworks, ICI’s old chemical plant and now this. But the ghost ships campaign has forced Able to go through all the correct procedures and bring their facilities up to date. It is much better that the ship should be dismantled to their standards than end up in India or elsewhere in Asia where workers do not have proper protection.”

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