New Interview with informant implicates Rumsfeld in Government Extraterrestrial Cover-up claims new DVD!

area51thealieninterview_09.jpgI don’t know about you but I get fed up with the regular news stories, all anyone is writing about is Obama and McCain dissing each other, the various and sundry wars that are being wages around the planet, the economy, and the price of oil. This is all getting old.

I made it my mission to find some ‘real’ news, and what could be better than Extra Terrestrials and the oh so fun government black site know as Area 51. Aliens beat Obama and The War On Terror every time!

area51thealieninterview_14.jpgVega 7 Entertainment are releasing the 1997 documentary Area 51: The Alien Interview Special Edition, among the highlights are clips purported to have been taken in 1989 of a captive alien at the Area 51 facility. For our entertainment this DVD features a new interview, taped in early June of this year, with the mysterious informant “Victor”, who implicates former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in an extraterrestrial cover-up. According to “Victor”, Rumsfeld has been involved in the cover-up since 1973, during the Nixon Administration. I love it!

The press release explains:

In July, 1996, “Victor” approached the producers claiming to possess irrefutable video proof that the government had filmed actual living E.T.s at Area 51. AREA 51: THE ALIEN INTERVIEW unveiled that footage to the world. “Victor” maintains in a closely guarded interview that he “had reason to be present at Area 51” and that he was able to copy the footage “during an instance of ‘data leaking’ that occurred during a massive transfer of video documentation from video analog to digital disc storage in a lower security system.”

area51thealieninterview_10.jpgAccording to the producers the elusive “Victor” turned up again in 2007 with more information he goes on the record and implicates by name, current and former members of the U.S. government of possessing secret knowledge of the aliens.

An exclusive video clip from the new “Victor” interview can be viewed at the film’s website,

You can keep your DNC and your RNC, I’m going after a review copy of this blockbuster that reveals all!

Simon Barrett

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