The Bloggers versus Journalists debate took an interesting turn with a journalist friend rationalizing why “they”, the journalists, are like that only.

Because the media-men are truly ‘liberal’, IN THE CLASSIC SENSE. Classical liberal attitudes are usually pro-market, pro-reform, pro-freedom

Therefore, the media adopts a pacifist approach when it comes to issues of religious / community dynamics. This arises out of a genuine fear that given a free hand, the party might without really meaning it, lead to tremendous violence. And the media would do anything in its power to soothe those fears

While Matt does a more or less accurate job characterising most media outlets he is mostly deluded in his characterisation of what he calls “classical liberalism”. Two more Offstumped re-runs to accurately describe what Matt sanctimoniously refers to as “classical liberalism”.

First this piece from 6th August, 2007, titled “Leftist Political Correctness with Taliban like Fanaticism” highlighting how liberals “would do anything” to “soothe fears”, meaning to be “politically correct”.

a student group on campus named after Swami Vivekananda had organized a seminar in the aftermath of the Babri Demolition and the subsequent riots. Arun Shourie, Sudheendra Kulkarni, MV Kamath and Muzaffar Hussain were invited speakers. These were the days when left of center secular political correctness was at its zenith and anything remotely saffron was not kosher. The IIT Administration was expectedly very nervous to have folks like Shourie and Kulkarni on campus lest they become targets of the left wing political correctness. So in an unprecedented and shameful move the Administration allowed the event but with one condition. They did not want any saffron on display. Now the event was organized by a group that identified Vivekananda as its mascot. Now Vivekananda for time immemorial has always been portrayed in saffron robes. But in order to satisfy the political correctness of the Left wing, the Administration demanded that Swami Vivekananda be disrobed of his traditional saffron and be forced to be displayed in a politically neutral blue robe

Matt is partially correct when he points out they would like to be “pro market”, “pro reform” and “pro freedom” but then something gets in the way and they end up pretending to be all of that. The media offers a perfect platform for this pretense as they can moralize all day long when it suits them and equivocate when it gets inconvenient.

So what is it that gets in the way and makes them resort to this pretense called “political correctness”. This piece from 3rd August, 2007, titled “An Epiphany at last ….“ lays bare the deep sense of guilt the so called “classical liberals” suffer from that drives them to equivocate and be politically correct.

The Left when confronted with contentious issues does not ask itself if its position would not diminish individual freedom or diminish national interest.

Instead the Left asks itself how can it take a position and not feel guilty about it ?

So the epiphany is

On any given issue the Left’s positions tread a path that leaves it feeling the least guilty

It is foolish of us to expect the Left in this country to have the spine to deal with acts of terror for what they are without drawing dangerous parallels and dubious moral equivalences.

So an emotionally overwhelmed Left burdened by a deep guilt complex poses the question

How can we convict and sentence so many Muslims without convicting and sentencing as many Hindus, where is the equity, where is the social justice ?

It is this same sense of guilt that prompted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to lose sleep over the Haneef episode.

So Matt with a lot of sympathy and no empathy or guilt, yes we do know why you are like that only………

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