Agatha Christie brought many memorable characters to life though her mystery novels. Without doubt one of the most memorable has to be Hercule Poirot. A Belgium born detective who oozes strange foibles, impeccably dressed, a walk akin to a king penguin, the unmistakable cane and carefully shaped mustache.

Poirot and his trusty assistant Captain Arthur Hastings take on the strangest of cases. This classic TV series which for years was a mainstay of the PBS Mystery series is available on DVD through Acorn media.

Over the years the part of Poirot has been played by a number of different actors, but without doubt the most successful is David Suchet. He captures the fictional chacter exactly as Agatha Christie describes him in her novels. Joining Suchet is Hugh Frasier playing the part of the very proper and very British Captain Arthur Hastings. Another regular on the series is Phillip Jackson playing the rather loud and sometimes brash Chief Inspector Japp.

This unlikely ensemble of characters combine to make for a great series. LWT and then Grenada TV handled production and they are to be credited. They paid great attention to detail, and the quality of the camera work is outstanding. I think what impresses me most about the production is that they have maintained the sense of melodrama that was such a key element to the writings of Agatha Christie.

Agatha Cristie’s Poirot – The Classic Collection 2 is a boxed set containing 9 full movie length programs, which equates to over 16 hours of wonderful programming. I have spent the past several days engrossed in this delightful series, as a reviewer I am always looking for flaws, oops, that would make me a critic, and I swore I would never be one of those! I could find no flaws, the video matches the book, and the video gives you all the same clues. So settle into your favorite comfy chair and become a super slueth like Hercule poirot.

I can honestly say that of the nine programs in this collection I cannot pick a favorite, they are all outstanding entertainment. One that does warrant comment because of the inherent simplicity, yet complexity of the situation is Death In The Clouds, a woman is murdered on a small commuter sized plane, one carrying maybe 24 passengers. A poison dart is the vehicle, and indeed an African Blow Pipe is found on the plane, but who did it, and what was the motive? In typical Agatha Christie style the clues are in plain sight, yet they are at the same time misleading.

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Simon Barrett

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