According to a recent report a class action asbestos related lawsuit has been filed in Madison County, Illinois, by around one hundred and fifty defendants. The civil conspiracy class action lawsuit claims that the plaintiffs were misled about the dangers of asbestos.

The lawsuit claims that the people involved were exposed to asbestos and were not told about the dangers of the substance or that they could go on to develop serious and even deadly diseases such as scarring of the lungs, respiratory problems, and even cancer.

Among the companies named as defendants in the lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month, are John Crane Inc. and Metropolitan Life Insurance Inc. The companies are accused of publishing “false and misleading reports” to maintain a “favorable atmosphere for the continued sale and distribution and use of asbestos.”

It is further claimed that a doctor that conducted a study into asbestos falsified reports to make the substance appear to be less dangers. The complaint stated: “Dr. Anthony J. Lanza began an investigation…In 1935 this study was altered by Lanza, with the full knowledge of Metropolitan, at the request of and in concert with the asbestos industry…in order to wrongly influence the United States Public Health Service, the United States medical community, and various state legislatures…”

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