Claims of asbestos presence have been made at a plant in the Teeside area of the UK . It has been claimed, for the second time, that there is asbestos present at the SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation), which is near Haverton Hill in the UK .

Reports of asbestos having been disturbed at the plant are now being investigated by the Health and Safety Executive. The claim comes just one week after contractors were sent home amidst fears of asbestos contamination.

Asbestos had been found in boiler areas by workers on scaffolding last week. An official from the Health and Safety Executive, which is investigation the allegations, stated: “An allegation of the further disturbance of asbestos has been made. The HSE is investigating that allegation.”

One official stated: “Some of the contractors working on the site reported a possible release of some asbestos material. We are currently looking into the circumstances surrounding that and those inquiries are on-going. It is hoped that the contractors will be back on site tomorrow.”

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