According to the latest figures released by the Iraqi Health Ministry, nearly 2,600 Iraqi civilians were killed in Baghdad in September, 15% more than the number of civilian causalities in the month of August, in spite of the combined efforts of the U.S- Iraqi armies to secure Baghdad from the clutches of insurgency. This new figure shows that Iraq is getting a lot closer to an inevitable civil war, with both Sunni and Shiite death squads abducting and killing people, at their will.


Discovery of bodies in huge numbers has become a daily event in Baghdad, with police reporting to have found of 50 -60 bodies in the last 24 hours in Baghdad, suggesting that the law and order situation is getting worse by every passing day and has shown no signs of improvements. The health ministry has released the new casualty figure for the month of September, amid a controversial study that claims that more than 600,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed ever since the U.S –led invasion began in March 2003. 

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