Acting on complaints from a neighbor, city officials from Vancouver, British Columbia have told a couple that they must pay $3,500 to the city or tear down the tree house that they are building for their two children, aged 7 and 6. The parents, Andrew Dewberry and Jayne Seagrave, have been told that they must come up with the money in order to obtain permits for the structure. The couple have already spent around $2,500 on the tree house and insist that they spoke to city officials back in August that green lighted the project without issue but city official David McLellan says that there is no record of the conversation and has advised the couple to try to obtain a developer’s permit by submitting needed paperwork, including a survey, drawings and photos. The original complaint came from a neighbor that may have ill feelings towards the couple who are also renovating their house. Another city official Paul Herity said “We’re not out looking for tree forts.” The neighbor who complained refused to comment on the situation.

City seeks permit for boy’s tree house (The Province)

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