Officials from the city of Geneva in Ohio have stated that they have had to delay the purchase of a property in the area because of the discovery of asbestos. The city had been planning to purchase the property on East Main Street to convert into a parking lot according to reports.

It was found that the property contained asbestos which would need to be cleared up before any demolition work can begin there, and this has forced the city to put back their plans for the purchase. The city was told that this would cost around thirty thousand dollars, but has now found a cheaper quote of twelve thousand dollars.

An inspection was carried out at the property prior to the purchase of the property being finalised, and it was here that the discovery of asbestos was made. A lot of the asbestos was said to have been found in the ceiling drywall of the property.

The authorities have now said that they will now be asking the owner of the property to take twelve thousand dollars of the asking price of the property to enable them to recoup the cost of the clean up.

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