Being the story – as the subtitle goes – of the trials and triumphs of Ilyse Charpentier, this first novel is a slight and charming romantic trifle, a crisp little macaroon of a story set in turn of the century Paris. Turn of the last century, that is – and in a Paris not unlike that which was the setting for ‘Phantom of the Opera’. There is the lovely and talented ingénue, a dashing young suitor, the possessive and dangerous benefactor… dash of struggle from impoverishment and a sprinkling of music.

But the setting is nothing so high-toned as an opera house; Ilyse Charpentier is the star of the cabaret stage, and the toast of all Paris. But all is not as sit seems, for the glamorous diva; she has a tragic past, an estranged brother and a new love that must be kept secret from the murderously controlling nobleman who is her patron. And with pluck and luck, she manages all that and a happy ending all the way around. The charm is in the doing, of course. The writer has a flair for the style and vocabulary of that period, and a sense of the Parisian milieu, both back of stage and in front of it. Definitely a book for those who like a good romantic read, and loved ‘Phantom’.

City of Lights is available from the publisher, iUniverse, and from

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