Two employees have been fired from a Boise, ID skating rink after they were reported to have “borrowed” two zambonis after hours to make a fast food run. The pair of employees was reported by an anonymous source to have left the rink around 12:30am on November 10th and making their way to a Burger King drive thru before returning to the rink with the zambonis.

Luckily the trip was only about a mile and a half total but the drivers did have to negotiate at least one traffic light at a top speed of 5mph. “They were fired immediately. We’re pretty sure it was just the one time. When we interviewed them, they didn’t seem to be too concerned about it. I don’t think they understood the seriousness of it.” said Parks Department Director Jim Hall. He added that the zambonis did not appear to be damaged in anyway but the pair could still possibly be charged with driving an unlicensed motor vehicle on a public street. The zambonis cost $75,000 each and the blades on the vehicles used to clean the ice cost around $10,000 each. The names and ages of the temporary city employees were not released.

Midnight Zamboni run prompts firings (MSNBC)

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