We have posted a Real Video file, with excellent quality, and sound (sound doesn’t start for a minute or two into the film — Bill Glave, the cameraman doesn’t hit the switch until the mayor actually bangs the gavel.)

This version of the file is intended for broadband access.  It is very large, but it is 2:16:47 long.   This is the regularly scheduled 7:00 meeting.  The special session, only a half hour long, will be posted shortly.

Both will require a Real  Media player to show the films.

Tomorrow, I will put up a low band-width, dial-up access version of the meetings.  That one will combine the special and regular sessions.  The file will be smaller, but of a much lower quality.

I have already heard comments that my editorial opinions are not fair to the council or city staff.  Watch the films, and see for yourself.


icon for podpress  Council meeting regular session, 11/21/06: Download (14)
icon for podpress  Council meeting regular session — Streaming: Download (9)
icon for podpress  Council meeting regular session [135:47m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1)

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