Citizens of Gambia V. Carnegie Minerals & Astron-US Based Pro Democracy NGO President Haruna Darboe Writes!!

We the citizens of Gambia are concerned about the current misunderstandings between your two companies and President Yahya Jammeh. The affair has resulted in the arrest and detention of your British-born engineer-Director of Operations. It is unsettling for euphoria around the discovery of commercially viable mineral deposits in Gambia to be followed ever so expeditiously by allegations of deceit, concealment and breach of contract.

It must come as a shock to you that we the Gambian citizens have not been apprised of your companies’ interests in mineral extraction in Gambia or the pilot processing of residual Zircon from Titan’s operations in the late 50’s in Gambia. That represents a terrible breach of trust and ill-considered investment for your two companies. Particularly that Gambia has a recent history of poor governance, bellicose completion of agreements, and a most spectacular negligence in the matter Alimenta V. Gambia. As aspiring corporate citizens as we are confident both your companies are, a casual historical review of security of investment in Gambia and the relationship between good governance and investment security would have afforded some measure of caution and circumspect prior to engagement in Gambia. Or de-minimis, engage based on certain guarantees of propriety.

We are cognisant of the potential detriment your extraction operations risk in Gambia, Senegal, and indeed in most other developing countries, including India, Indonesia, and the pacific Isles.

We hereby request a copy of your license to mine for Rutile, Zircon, and Illemenite in Gambia. This license is a public document and we request it pursuant to public records acts throughout the world including Australia, India, the UK, and the US. It will also be valuable for you to be pro-active in this request because it is apparent that you have been enormously aversed and chagrined, but we the citizens of Gambia have no part to play in your diminished fortunes. However, we wish to exert our rights to minimize any damage that Yahya and or his government accrues you. Please forward copy of the license to so it may be shared with Gambia citizen fora and news agencies. We look forward to your cooperation in this regard.

We also encourage the Gambia Bar Association and Judiciary to obtain this license from the Gambia Government records division, and to share this license with the citizens of Gambia.

With great expectations, sincerely,

Haruna Darbo. Gambian Citizen.

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