In Larimore, North Dakota, citizens have become so upset with a new, overzealous police chief named Steve Jones that (according to a blogger in Grand Forks, “Voice of Dakota”) Jones has said there are “implied death threats.”

Here’s what the blogger, Dakota Huseby, reported:


“I have spoken with the Larimore Police Chief Steve Jones…
“Let’s start with remote car starters…Jones says he did warn a citizen about the code violation of leaving his car running but notes the person he warned had a car running for half an hour to 45 minutes while inside a local establishment. Jones says while the law states you can’t run your car, he says he will not be ticketing those warming their cars in the winter.     

“Second, there is another citizen meeting about Jones tomorrow. The Chief says he has never dealt with such a volatile situation. He says recently there have been “implied death threats” against him. He says one warned of you may not want to be out on the road late at night or the boys will take care of you.

“He says he is bringing the threats to the attention of the Mayor and Council and while he will be more cautious, he says he can handle it, although he is surprised at the escalation of anger in the community.     

“I had spoken with the Mayor and a councilman a couple days back and both had expressed support for his work and had not found that he had overstepped the bounds of enforcement.”

So reports Dakota Huseby, self-proclaimed “Voice of Dakota.” Larimore is a town close to the Grand Forks Air Base, and, like most North Dakota towns, small and dying and decrepit. Its minor, petty fortunes rise and fall with the fate of the air base so, in the last few years, with the fate of the air base up and down and complicated, it’s not surprising the situation is tense in Larimore. Then Chief Jones came in there like a match and set the whole dry pile of leaves on fire. Oh, wait, there might be an ordinance about when you can burn leaves, and if there is, you can be sure Jones would know it and would be enforcing it, zealously.
Jones might be happier in nearby Thompson, North Dakota, which had a well-earned reputation at one time as, arguably, the most notorious speed trap in the state, a place where nothing much goes fast, anyway. But there’s a lot less traffic in Thompson now that the strip club, Tassels, has finally been driven out of business.  Who knows, maybe Jones could revive the faded glory of the Thompson speed trap with his detail-oriented doggedness, which has extended to writing tickets for people who leave cars running unattended in a town where there is little traffic, where vehicle theft is rare, and the wretchedly cold conditions make people want to “warm up” their vehicles before driving.

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