Campus Watch’s, Cinnamon Stillwell writes today on the hypocrisy at Stanford.Walid Shoebat and “Three Ex-Terrorists” are considered too controversial for the public at Stanford, yet there are no problems with Finkelstein. (Link h/t: Jeremayakovka)

On Monday, April 16, Walid Shoebat and two other former terrorists-turned-anti-jihadists, Kamal Saleem and Zak Anani are scheduled to speak at Stanford University. Cinnamon describes the event saying, “they bill themselves, are likely, based on past talks, to offer forth a rare evening (on college campuses, anyway) of pro-Israel and pro-American perspectives on the battle against Radical Islam. The only problem is, the public isn’t invited.”

This is not the first time this has happened to speakers that are pro-Israeli and anti-jihadists. Unfortunately this has become the norm. Yet it is allowable to have those that are pro-Arab, those Muslims not speaking out against terrorism, instead justifying it – as speakers across our nations campus’s without even a peep or a blurb.

This according to a San Francisco Chronicle article about the subject:

The students thought the public would be able to attend the event, but were told a couple of weeks ago that attendance would be restricted due to “security concerns,” said Megan Reiss, president of the Stanford College Republicans.

“At a private school, we’re not subject to the same rights as public schools,” Reiss said. “But I’m writing an op-ed piece right now saying they may have the right to do this, but it’s going against Stanford’s tradition of allowing the free flow of ideas.”

Stanford spokeswoman Elaine Ray said security was not the university’s concern.

“We’re not worried about violence,” she said. “This is a controversial speaker, and we want to make sure that our students have a constructive dialogue.”

Ray declined to say what made Shoebat so controversial that attendance should be restricted at the 595-seat Kresge Auditorium.

Cinnamon makes four excellent points in her observation of the hypocrisies surrounding this upcoming event Monday:

  1. For some reason, speaking out against Radical Islam on universities and college campuses these days is considered controversial, while all too often, speaking out in favor of or opposing any efforts to combat Radical Islam, is considered perfectly acceptable.Anti-Israel and at times, anti-Semitic, speakers also seem to be welcome on college campuses.
  2. This may explain why Stanford enacted no such restrictions when DePaul University political science assistant professor Norman Finkelstein, who has made a career out of being a pseudo-Holocaust denier (even as he continues to claim that his own parents were Holocaust survivors) and who was initially hired at DePaul by its Nation of Islam connected director of World Islamic Studies, Aminah McCloud (recently blogged about by Campus Watch here), spoke there earlier this year.
  3. An appearance by Walid Shoebat at Columbia University, along with another ex-terrorist and a former Nazi Hitler Youth member, I wrote about late last year, garnered the same sort of last-minute security changes, resulting in 75-120 people who had RSVP’d being turned away at the door.
  4. Perhaps when repentant terrorists and others opposing Radical Islam stop being labeled “controversial” and Holocaust deniers and proponents of Radical Islam stop being given the welcome mat, the “security concerns” of Stanford and other university administrations will be taken more seriously. In the meantime, such hypocrisy calls for continued scrutiny.

For those that question the motives of Walid Shoebat I would like to add that first of all, this is not his real name. The man has gone through so much on behalf of his anti-jihadi stance and sharing his message around the world. He has suffered greatly for his stand with Israel and his defense of Israel being a sovereign state. He has spoke out not just against the Palestinians, but has stated that they are a made-up people, that they never have existed.

Furthermore, he sacrificed his life to rescue his Catholic mother from the hands of his father, and extreme radical Muslim. He is under tight security continually because his life is continually in danger. For any one to assume he is doing this only for the money is as insane as the extreme radical Muslims.Walid Shoebat has done more for the support of Israelis around the world than many Christian groups, barring of course Dr./Pastor John Hagee. You can listen first hand to Dr. Hagee’s speech at AIPAC here.

This are six segments of Dr. Hagee’s interview with Walid Shoebat.

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

We should support and stand by Walid Shoebat and any former terrorist that has proved to come out and speak against radical Islam, Jihad, the so-called Palestinian cause – standing up for Israel, Jews, Christians and a world free from war and terror as Mr. Shoebat has so proved to be doing for many years.

The time has come that a world at war and the hypocrisy therein is no longer tolerable, but must be obliterated. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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