Today Cindy McCain decided to become vocal in the debate over candidate character. While I sympathize with the sense of desperation team McCain is feeling. Pushing her into the spotlight is a serious mistake. The media abided by a mutual desire of both candidates to leave family out of the fray.

By joining the mud fest herself Cindy becomes a fair target. Senator Obama and Biden’s spouses both disclosed tax and financial records, Cindy McCain declined and the press left it at that. I suspect Cindy would rather lose the election then provide tax and financial records. Cindy McCain as most know was heir to a vast financial empire left by her late father James Hensley. Her Dad worked for a fellow named Kemper Marley who was one of Arizona’s first billionaires.

Kemper Marley was an associate of a fellow named Joseph Bonanno who was one of Arizona’s first Mafia God Fathers, Joe “Bananas” Bonanno was till his retirement in Arizona, an active member of the famous crime “commission” Cindy’s Dad even spent time in federal prison for being a racketeer.
But less we visit the sins of the parents on Children. Public records show Cindy along with her Dad invested several hundred thousand bucks in mafia owned or controlled businesses in Arizona in the eighties, but Cindy’s financial relationship with mob money goes much deeper than most realize.

For example one of James Hensley’s holding companies owned a piece of a Scottsdale cab company called village cab, the Bonanno crime family, Kemper Marley, and two other reputed members of organized crime were also listed over the years through their holding companies as owning a share of village cab.

To this day in Phoenix they still discuss the 1976 car bombing of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles who was investigating Kemper Marley’s ties to organized crime. While Kemper Marley was never directly tied to the hit, Don had been asking questions of cabby’s over at village days prior to his murder and all the principle suspects in the case had at one time worked for or had a business relationship with the cab company.

So if it’s fair to question Barack Obama’s Character in having a get to know the candidate coffee at Bill Ayers house, should we hold John McCain accountable for sleeping with a former Mafia princess? Barack was eight years old when Bill Ayers was violently protesting the Vietnam War, John McCain was married to Cindy when she was investing money in mob owned businesses one of which exposed Senator McCains financial ties to Charles Keating of Keating five fame. 

P.S. Burton

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