Cindy Margolis has decided to show her buff in Playboy. For the record, until today, I didn’t know who Cindy was. Now I know she is the girl who pointed at refrigerators on the Price is Right. I’ve done my share of pointing at refrigerators and I’ve never considered honoring Playboy with my presence. And for the record, I have good reasons for believing that Playboy has never seen anything remotely similar to me. All those dolls on Playboy (the very few I’ve seen) look amazingly similar to me. Men don’t seem to like much variety. Change the color of hair, skin tone, position, but never change the general body shape. How predictable is that? Boring.

Our Cindy is posing for “good reason.” Some of the profits will help couples struggling with infertility. I am sure you’ll agree this is mighty nice of her. Now to share an excerpt of her interview.

The question is “Why now?”

The humble answer is:
“My decision to do Playboy is literally 20 years in the making. I’ve always prided myself in keeping my clothes on, being the girl next door. I’ve had the number-one downloaded (celebrity) Web site, and for years I’ve been known as the “Queen of the Internet” in the “Guinness Book of World Records,” America Online, Yahoo!, (all while) keeping my clothes on, and I’ve been very proud of that. Every couple years when Mr. Hefner would call, I would very graciously decline, because my mom would kill me, and I thought it was more mysterious keeping my clothes on.

“But, this year, when I got the call from Mr. Hefner, it was my 40th birthday. So I thought, “Wow — at 40, they still want me?” And I thought it’s almost an inspiration — like a “you go, girl” moment. I feel empowered that you can be married and have three children and still be sexy and confident and look great.

“My mom would have killed me before, but I’m an adult woman now, and I’m ready to show the world that you can have it all at 40 — be fabulous, 40, and pose for Playboy.”

Cindy and I have a number of things in common:
1. We’ve both pointed at refrigerators.
2. We are both married.
3. We both have 3 young children.
4. We both have prided ourselves in keeping our clothes on.
5. We both turned 40 this year.
6. We both have moms capable of homicide.

But here’s what separates Cindy from Val. When Mr Hefner called Cindy in her 4oth year, she chose to bare all. When he calls me, I will decline. Cindy’s mom may have come around. My mom has not.

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