It has received scant coverage in the English speaking world but there is an interesting news story coming out of Mexico. Back in September a Florida based Gulfstream II jet aircraft with the tail marking # N987SA crashed on the Yucatan peninsular. The wreckage contained almost 4 tons of cocaine!

Now that in itself is not news, just another drug runner bites the dust. But, this same plane, or at least a similar one with identical tail markings of # N987SA is also linked to at least 3 flights from the US and Europe to the CIA’s pleasure palace at Guantanamo Bay.

The plane was owned by a shell corporation S/A Holdings LLC, which looks suspiciously like a CIA fronted operation. There is not much information available about S/A Holdings LLC, which is strange for a company that operates a fleet of multi million dollar business jets like these. This would not be the first time that the CIA has entered into private enterprise in the aviation world, although you would have thought that with the furor surrounding the infamous Air America they would not try this trick twice.

The question I have is, why have the main stream media not picked this story up? Has it been swept under the rug? Although the crash and the contraband were not on US soil, one would have thought that the authorities would be asking some searching questions of Florida based S/A Holdings LLC.

There is also a short YouTube clip on the story.

Simon Barrett

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