Two boys who broke into a Montana church two weeks ago are being rewarded by the church’s congregation with ‘love baskets’. The teens were found and arrested at the scene for burglary after causing several thousand dollars worth of damage, they were also found to be in the possession of marijuana, a pipe and some pills.

Upon hearing about what happened, a collection was taken at the church by members to get into baskets that would go to the kids that included Xbox systems, gift cards and more. The baskets were meant to be collected and presented in the Christian spirit of forgiveness and mercy. The church hopes that the gifts will help keep the kids off the streets and out of trouble should they manage to escape a jail sentence.

“They did smash some stuff, like computer monitors, windows, televisions and sprayed a fire extinguisher in the gym,” said church pastor Jason Reimer. He added “A lot of us, whether we’re churchgoers or not, have been in their shoes before and have made some bad choices, but God forgives us.”

The church hopes that the gifts will be enough but if they aren’t they have also opened their doors to the teens to take advantage of the church’s skateboard park, teen center, weight room and an addiction recovery service.

Earthly reward for church vandals (BBC News)

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