Autism campaigners around the world have called on Pope Benedict XVI to act on autism in the wake of the first ever restraining order on a teenager with autism issued by a church. Fr.Daniel Walz took out a temporary restraining order on Carol Race and her 13 year old son Adam Race on the grounds of ‘disruptive behaviour.’

The Vatican has been asked to provide guidelines to churches on how to relate to children and adults with disabilities including autism.

Pope Benedict XVI has also been asked to speak out on autism after the teen was banned from mass at the Roman Catholic Church of St.Joseph in Bertha, Minnesota.

According to the Associated Press, Carol Race entered her plea of not guilty during a brief hearing Monday in Todd County District Court. A pretrial settlement hearing was scheduled for July 14.

The Rev. Daniel Walz of the Church of St. Joseph in the northern Minnesota town of Bertha alleged in his petition for the restraining order that Adam Race, 13, who weighs more than 225 pounds, is disruptive and that his erratic behavior threatens the safety of other parishioners.

Race was ticketed for ignoring the order after allegedly attending Mass with Adam on Mother’s Day. She denies that Adam is a danger to anyone. ‘

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