Two years ago the names Chuck and Dale Ingram were not ones I had ever heard of. They rum a small Bail Bonding company in Palatka, Florida. Chucks Bail Bonds actually came on my radar through the sad and frustrating search for Haleigh Cummings.

Although Chuck’s Bail Bonds was not involved directly with the case, they were the source of a major sideshow in the case. The PCSO have made no charges directly associated with the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings, but they certainly have left their mark. It might even be said that while they have not found the abductor, they certainly have left their mark. Father Ronald Cummings, Uncle Tommy Croslin, and baby sitter/wife/ex-wife Misty Croslin are all behind bars for many years on unrelated drug charges. Other friends and family are suffering similar fates.

The latest twist in this story concerns the small Bail Bond company Chuck’s Bail Bonds. Their entrance into the Haleigh Cummings case was bizarre to say the least. It revolved around them holding the bond of Daniel Snodgrass, a gentleman accused of a sexual crime against a minor (still does, and still out on bond). William Cobra Staubs created waves during his time on Palatka, a serious tsunami was when he revoked Snodgrass’s bond. For reasons way outside the scope of this article, it was Cobra that ended up in hot water, not the accused sexual predator.

I have spoken to many experts on the Bail Bond industry on the subject of how and why Cobra ended up. They all say the same thing, Cobra had the right paperwork, he was just doing his job.

It was with some interest that a couple of documents came into my possession today. They certainly cast doubts on the integrity of Chuck Ingram, and his wife Dale Ingram. I would also suspect that Chuck’s Bail Bonds will be shutting their doors very soon. The Florida Statute concerning Bail Bonds is very clear about who can, or can not hold a license. Equally clear are the requirements for any employees. In the documents released today it is clear that Chuck Ingram was previously convicted for sex crimes against a minor, yet still maintained an active role in the company.

But, hell, whats wrong with selling a few guns under the counter? It’s just harmless fun? Everyone needs a Hi-Point, 9 mm pistol, a Taurus .45, or an lntratec, .22 caliber pistol. It should however go without saying that selling these items to a DEA agent is probably not the best idea.

Both Chuck Ingram and Dale Ingram have agreed to plea bargains. But both still face some serious time with a ‘Cot and Three Hots’.

Chuck Ingram

Dale Ingram

Simon Barrett

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