I know I do not! When you look at this whole bail out deal what do you find? Stupidity, and all of the officers of the various car companies and banks hold MBA’s from Ivy League institutions. My goodness, is that what education has come to? Did they learn nothing?

Maybe the biggest issue I have with Chrysler is that if I purchased one of their cars or trucks, and I encountered some financial difficulties, would they forgive my debt, and change the payment schedule? I think not! I would be hounded. Put the shoe on the other foot, oh, thats a whole different story!  What a load of BS.

One of the often used arguments about pumping a trillion dollars into these failing auto companies and banks is that they ware too big to fail. This is BS. Yes I have great empathy for the worker bees, the folks that find themselves out of a job. It was not their fault. The guilty are the MBA’s. Actually we can offer another descriptive word ‘Greed’.

While our automotive industry heads for the toilet, and our banking system limps along, the MBA’s that created this mess continue to earn the big bucks, and get the big perks. The concept of rewarding incompetence is a strange one. If I am incompetent, someone is going to hound me, maybe fire me. My boss is not going to offer me a golden parachute, he is going to tell me to take a hike, and that is his right.

I escaped from Corporate America in the mid 90’s, today my wife and I do our own thing. Oh do not get me wrong, we do not live high on the hog, we live from bill to bill. But what we do is honest work.

Jan and I work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have no perks, there is no corporate jet, hell we don’t even have a car. Is anyone offering us a bailout? NO.

Of course one might ask the question, do we warrant a bail out? Likely not, we limp along, we work hard, and we do not ask anyone to help us. We are not too big to fail, in fact we are too small to succeed., but we try, and we keep trying.

Let Chrysler fail. Who knows, someone might come along and actually get this company back on track. Someone that does NOT have the dreaded MBA label. MBA has become the sure clue to disaster.

In China they would have a 10 minute trial and then take the miscreant out back and shoot him. Here we reward the guy, he has run a bank or an automotive company into the ground. Tens of thousands of jobs are on the line. What do we do? We sign a nice big check and pretend nothing is the matter. Who is paying for this largess?

Oh, its the poor taxpayer once again. The government is loaning the money, and us poor saps get to repay it.

Simon Barrett

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