I had this idea for a poem about these missing children and their families: Haleigh, Shaniya, Hassani, Somer, and so many others past & present. You might find it trite, silly, or just plain dumb. It’s ok…I won’t care. It has been written for those who it WILL touch thier hearts & hopefully show that their little one is not being forgotten. I hope it helps in some way.

Christmas won’t be fun this year

Christmas won’t be fun this year
How can it be without Haleigh here?
Last year we decorated, wrapped,
and gave to those so dear
now none of it seems much like fun
without Haleigh here

Some may bolster up some cheer
by vowing to decorate in spite of their fear
They’ll trim trees, light up houses & walk ways
to guide the way home should little feet be near
It just won’t be the same this year.

Hassani, Somer, Nevaeh, Shaniya, Haleigh and others
all had some family who held them dear
To those families, Christmas won’t be fun this year.
Some will continue to celebrate for the siblings sake
Their only present wanted is for their little ones to be home
“What must we do? What will it take?”

If you find yourself surrounded
by loved ones at this Christmas feast,
throw your arms around them, tell em you love them
should they be stolen in the night by some beast.
Give your greatest gift, your love, this year
Maybe with God’s Grace
Christmas will be fun again next year.

Lesa Conway

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