What a strange world we live in. I call it Christmas, although you may call it something else. You may give presents, or you may not. You may have a Christmas tree, or a menorah, personally I do not care what you have.

It is a time of the year when we all could (and should) be friends.

In my 50 years of stomping around this planet I like to think that each year I become older and wiser, and I think I am. The problem is, the world seems to be becoming an increasingly stupid place.

A great examples of this stupidity was the threat of a law suit against the Seattle-Tacoma airport for displaying Christmas trees but not a Menorah, or the Toronto judge moving the Christmas tree. 

It is my belief that whatever provides you with happiness during the holiday season is your concern and yours alone.

If I go to someone’s house and they have it decorated for Kwanza, that is their business and I am not offended. If I go to ‘Cohens Kosher Deli’ and they have a menorah I am not offended.

This ‘political correctness’ has got out of hand. It is time that people grew up and realized that diversity is what makes us great.

My wife and I like Christmas trees, so we have two. If you are offended by that, please leave the Christmas gifts on the porch!

I am sure that this article will offend someone because I failed to recognize their observances. Well all I can say is Get A Life!

Simon Barrett


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