Many People Have Traditions Surrounding Christmas Eve

Some are Centuries Old, Some are Recent

Traditions, Superstitions and Rituals about the Night Before Christmas 

There are many Christmas Eve traditions.

Some people drink egg nog, some let their kids open a Christmas present early, some read to the children, some go to midnight mass or other church services.

There are also many superstitions concerning Christmas Eve, some of them centuries old.

DBKP has collected a host of Christmas Eve traditions from throughout the Internet and the world.


Some couples have a tradition to kiss under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve. With, others it’s more than one kiss.

Many couples spend Christmas Eve listening to Christmas carols and remembering Christmas Eves past.

Couples with children tick items off lists to make sure Santa didn’t forget anything.


The ritual of Midnight Mass date back centuries. But midnight Masses are rare these days, largely because of the shortage of priests in the Roman Catholic Church,


Want to ski and celebrate Christmas with a church service at Crystal Mountain, near Tacoma, Washington?

Around 1977, the Rev. Ken Christopherson started a Christmas Eve service at the Crystal Mountain Ski Chapel.


Many Christmas Eve meals in America traditionally are ham or fowl. Because of the big meal planned for the holiday, some families like to keep the meal light and serve soup and crackers. By and large, most have the good ole sausage and cheese on hand for tasty snacks and appetizers.Read rest of the story:

Christmas Eve Traditions 


Christmas Eve Traditions

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