Maybe I am just old and grumpy, maybe I am just narrow minded. But Christmas is Christmas! That thing dropping pine needles on the floor is a Christmas Tree, not a Holiday Tree. I mean no disrespect to anyone, but to me it is Christmas. I really don’t care what you care to call it. To me it is Christmas. I have a Christmas Tree, I send Christmas Cards, and I share Christmas presents with people I know. I really don’t care what is ‘politically correct’, it is Christmas!

I don’t see a huge effort to rename Ramadan, Diwalli, or Hanuka, so why do people seemed so focused on messing with Christmas?

It’s not a ‘Holiday Tree’, its a stinking Christmas Tree! If you don’t love the smell and the look of a fresh cut fir, well don’t buy one. If you don’t believe in Christmas, well don’t! But don’t ram your ideas down my throat. You would be hard pressed to find a scholar that would claim that Jesus was born on December 25. But that is not the point to Christmas. It celebrates a concept rather than the exact date of an event. It is high time that everyone left Christmas alone.

If you don’t do Christmas, fine! But let us that do enjoy Christmas, do exactly that!

I was talking to a well known person today, I’ll keep his name private. As I will the subject of the conversation. But he did share this:

Simon we have talked  several times, somehow we always seem to talk around Christmas. Usually when I took some time off to visit with my mother. And you always took time out to ask about her.

I never met the lady, in fact I do not even know her name. She passed away earlier this year, a sad loss. But Christmas was a special time for my friend. He could hang up the public mask and be himself. Not on stage, not being interviewed, just spending a few days with his mother.

That is Christmas! It is high time that people left Christmas alone! It is not Happy Holidays, It is Christmas! Get a life, and get on with it!

Why can’t we be allowed to enjoy this time without someone telling us that it is Politically Incorrect? Sure we chop down a few trees, mostly from sustainable resources. But we don’t tend to hold ritual Goat sacrifices. So leave the whole damn thing alone!

Merry Christmas

Simon Barrett

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