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Miss. Christina Aguilera claimed that she is reaching for a new note – acting.
The petite diva was quoted saying that she will be looking into making the tricky transition from music into film and television whilst touring the Europe and the US with her “Back To Basics” tour.
 “I’ve been reading scripts for a number of years now! ­ I really am interested in that in its own art form.” The young starlet claimed, “”While I’m on tour I will be reading scripts.”
However, Christina claims that she is in no rush to jump on the bandwagon – or rather the act-wagon, saying, “I’m waiting for the right thing to come along, it’s important it’s the right role.”
Though she has yet to be seen on the big screen, she has been getting her ‘act’ together on the video clip to her brand-spanking new single, entitled ‘Candyman’ – sporting three diverse ‘Christina’ get-ups. The video clip is a throw back to World War II epoch in America. Christina commented on the video saying, “There were a lot of servicemen involved, I’m jitterbugging. It was so fun.”

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Sources: china daily

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