Model Christie Brinkley, of Sports Illustrated swimsuit-issue fame, has gone to court with her fourth husband after his affair with his 18-year old former assistant became public in 2007. Brinkley’s husband, architect Peter Cook, carried on a tawdry affair with his former assistant, Diana Bianchi, who was 18 at the time that their affair was revealed. Cook is 49 years old.

Bianchi testified that Cook would provide her with large sums of cash and also purchased a car for her. Cook and Bianchi met in 2004 at Bianchi’s former job. Cook then hired her to do clerical work in his office and paid Bianchi $20,000 per year. Bianchi claimed that he “seduced her” and admitted to having sexual relations with Cook at least a dozen times during the affair,which lasted about a year.

In May 2007, Cook paid Bianchi a $300,000 sum in a effort to keep their affair under wraps. Cook was reportedly afraid that Bianchi might file a lawsuit or go to the press with the intimate details of their relationship.

The dirty details did not end there. During the trial, Cook testified that he and Brinkley often watched porn together.Cook spent thousands of dollars on Internet pornography sites.

Alexa Ray Joel, Brinkley’s 22-year old daughter with legendary rock musician Billy Joel, testified against Cook in court. Joel claimed that he had once pushed her head into a bucket of water. Joel also said that Cook was very judgmental, often criticizing her songwriting and piano playing.

Brinkley and Cook shared a Hamptons home worth about 30 million dollars. Bianchi claimed she and Cook engaged in sexual relations in that home, which Cook denied. Brinkley will keep their home as part of a prenuptial agreement that was signed prior to her fourth marriage with Cook.

The court proceedings are in regards to custody of Brinkley and Cook’s children. There is also a battle for shared property, including three boats.

Cook’s lawyer claims that Brinkley is a “woman scorned” and that she is “self-indulgent.”

“What kind of a mother wants her husband flogged in public?” said Cook’s lawyer.

Brinkley hopes to receive full custody of her children.

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