Christie Brinkley has been criticized by some for taking her divorce case and making it public but in the long run it sure has paid off for her. She has to pay him $2.1 million but once he pays off his attorney fees for the divorce case alone he won’t have much left.

“There were two loser’s here,” Manhattan matrimonial attorney Raoul Felder said. “She obviously lost much more. He was never going to get custody. She tried to humiliate him and was lambasted by the public for seeking a public trial.” reports the chairman of the Nassau County Bar Association’s matrimonial law committee as saying, “Her getting sole custody seemed to be a foregone conclusion. His chance of getting custody was absurdly ridiculous.”

After the five days of trial, for the sake of the kids they reached an agreement. Christie was awarded sole custody of their two children Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10, and she will keep all of her 18 Hampton properties. Cook was given parenting time with the children. He will continue seeing them Wednesday nights and every other weekend.

Peter Cook is the one that will be suffering from this. He just might be looking back in the future and think to himself that he blew it. Apparently most of Cook’s clients were wealthy Hampton friends of Christie’s, so it a safe bet that his business will start to hurt.

Coming out of the courtroom it was clear that Christie was happy as a lark. She told the crowd waiting outside the courtroom, “I’m really glad that today we found some peace.”

“A mother’s greatest fear is someone trying to take her children, that’s what I was up against. I won custody and decision making and that’s all I really wanted,” Brinkley said.

Christie learned that her husband had an affair with 18 year old Diana Bianchi, whom Cook said he paid $300,000 not to go to the media.  Bianchi’s stepfather told Christie about it. Christie filed for a divorce after that in 2006.

It was also revealed during testimony at the trial that Cook spent $3000 a month on internet pornography. Christie was reported as saying that her “perfect life” had been shattered by these revelations.

Jan Barrett

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