Christianity…a religious conversion of personal choice!

Contrary to the popular public opinion, Islamic faithful believers are converting to the practice of Christianity in record numbers. This is perhaps the reason for the deeply seated animosity and religious antagonism directed towards the Catholic Church and all of its associated teachings. A principle that underlies all of the Catholic teachings and practices regarding an individual’s practice of faith is essentially freedom of choice. Catholic’s choose freely to follow Christ and His Church not because of religious extremism or fear of personal reprisal, but because they freely choose to become members of the Body of Christ. In stark contrast, Islamic teachings on the aspects of individual conversion are usually associated with forced acceptance of Islam, under the immediate threat of personal and physical harm.

Christianity calls its members to the development of the Kingdom of God through the nurturing of love between peoples, nations and God. Islamic notions that spread the teachings of the Prophet are based upon a perpetual struggle and violent conversion of unwilling peoples to Muslin subjugation. A most evident reason for the growing conversion movement from Islam to Christianity should be clear, namely a religion that advocates and fosters violence and social upheaval does not reflect Divine plans for universal peace and harmony. Members of the Islamic world just might be tired of the ritual extremism and fanatical call to religious chaos offered under the guise of religion in the Islamic world.
Centuries of political, social and religious chaos have afflicted the Islamic world because of the religious message that provides religious insurgency against Western theology. Even when considering the Eastern religious thought of the Crusades, there was always the aspect of violence and undivided acceptance that marked the spread of Islamic fundamentalism. Islamic laws are not complimentary to individual freedoms of religious liberty, but rather alienate and fearfully call believers to the Islamic worship of the One True God. Islamic law is based on unconditional conformity and acceptance, personal freedom is not something that is considered on an individual basis. On the other hand Christianity is a faith of personal choice, joined together with others as an acceptance of their personal choices of faith. Collectively, each individual builds up the Body of Christ and the relationship is based upon love and religious beliefs. Christ does not threaten his followers to live the “law of love” with coercion of individual freedoms and personal safety.

As the struggle intensifies between the two great religions of Christianity and Islam, global observers need to point out the vastly different motivational approaches employed by each faith. Christianity offers a religion based upon freedom of choice, and the ability to personally express faithful worship. Islam offers a message of political and social violence against non-Islamic believers that will culminate only when the entire populace is brought under Islamic religious domination. Islamic law constricts freedom of expression, and freedom to worship in a personal manner, and human ability to freely choose is forbidden.
The Islamic crisis, which causes its members to convert to Christianity, is indeed rooted in the continued spread of religious violence in the name of Allah by Islamic followers.

The crisis of faith experienced by former Islamic believers has been stimulated by the peaceful teachings and practical expressions of the Gospel teachings. In order for Islam to stabilize itself as a faithful religion, it first needs to recognize that the precepts on which it bases its faith are fundamentally contrary to the positive development of a global people in faith, because the foundation is violence and religious anarchy. Catholicism and indeed Western civilization has the opportunity to take the Islamic discontent and convert it to religious harmony that will literally recreate the world’s social, political and religious order. Not because the message is motivated by violence, but because the message is lived through development of global peace and harmony.

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