Throughout its history, the WWE has made some choices, which made fans unhappy. A recent decision of the company’s caused a lot of controversy, and created quite a stir among fans. I have read a lot of negative comments about the current situation involving the World Heavyweight Championship. Since wrestling fans seem to have different opinions on the subject, I would like to share my thoughts with the readers.

The issue began when Edge, because of injury was forced to surrender the World title on the April 15 edition of Smackdown. Theodore Long, the Smackdown General Manager, made a match between Alberto Del Rio and Christian, on May 1, at “Extreme Rules,” in a “Ladder Match.”

It was a thrilling contest which ended when Edge made his way into the arena, in a jeep, and honking the horn to distract Del Rio. This allowed Christian to climb the ladder, unhook the belt, and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. After more than a decade with the WWE, Christian finally realized his dream of being champion. The show concluded with Edge climbing into the ring, to give his long-time friend an emotional embrace. The WWE will give the fans what they want – they would see a man keep his title dream alive for at least a month. Well, fans were totally wrong with that thinking.

A few days later, on Smackdown, Christian walked to the ring to talk about his victory, and you could see the emotion etched across his face. He spoke about what the championship win meant to him, and he had been dreaming of that moment his entire life. As he was speaking, Mark Henry, the Great Khali, and Randy Orton entered the ring separately to state their cases for a title match. Theodore Long, then walked into the ring, and for some reason, let the fans choose Christian’s opponent. To no one’s surprise, it was Randy Orton. I would have just had a three way match with Orton, Henry, and Khali to determine the number one contender.

The match between Orton and Christian was an exhilarating contest, with the crowd cheering both men. In the end, Orton finished off his opponent with his RKO move. Fans erupted as a new champion was crowned, but some were also sad to see Christian go down in defeat. He stood alone in the ring, and you could see the sadness and disappointment on his face. Unfortunately for Christian, his dream of being champion, after seventeen years in the business, only lasted a few days. It’s sad to see someone work hard to achieve a dream, only to see it taken away almost immediately. Was this an ethical move on the part of the WWE? What about the self-esteem of Christian? This is an athlete who worked extremely hard over several years to achieve this championship. Why then, did the organization throw this curve?

Now, one of the reasons the WWE moved Randy Orton to Smackdown from Raw in the “WWE Draft” held near the end of April, was to introduce “the new face” of the brand, since Edge had departed. I understand and respect that. However, I do not feel it is necessary to rob Christian of the World Championship, as soon as he won it. I also understand that one of the reasons the company made that decision, was because it did not believe Christian could be a “main event player.” If that is their reasoning, then why give him the belt in the first place? That move was a humiliating one for a wrestler who provided several years of entertainment to thousands of fans.

Let me say, that I am a fan of Randy Orton, but I believe that he can still be the “face of Smackdown,” without holding the championship. At some point, he will become champion, but right now, it’s too soon. One of the things the WWE could have done instead, is to have Christian retain that night, and perhaps lose the belt in a match at its next pay-per-view “Over the Limit”, or maybe even the Friday afterwards, on Smackdown. It would have given Christian about a three to four week reign as World Champion, giving him a longer time to enjoy the fruits of his seventeen year labour.

This situation involving Christian, based on internet comments, has upset a lot of fans, and rightfully so. However, because of the controversy, it has the audience interested in the next step. We all have to just sit back, calm down, and wait and see what transpires. Who knows, the WWE may surprise us by giving Christian the World title again, and allow him to have a much longer reign. The only way to find out, is to keep on watching.

Azeem Kayum

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