I am sure that most people have heard of Chris Rudy and his right wing ‘news’ operation Newsmax. The ‘news’ that comes out of Newsmax is right up there with Brietbart and Alex Jones’s Infowars.

Forbes recently published an article about Chris Rudy, it starts:

I recently had dinner at Mar a Lago with Newsmax founder Chris Ruddy. Having worked in media for as long as I did gives me a great appreciation for Chris’ spectacular accomplishments building his business from scratch. Ruddy started Newsmax with an initial investment of $25,000 and today the business does in excess of $100M in annual revenue. Newsmax is quite profitable and growing a rare achievement in diversified media platforms.

Yes that is the same Mar a Lago and yes, Chris Ruddy is a Trump insider.

Overnight I got this curious email from Newsmax:


Wow, here is a $100 million a year political organization taking time out to worry about Toenail Fungus! Breitbart, Infowars, and most of the other right wing nut jobs do the same thing, so this is this the new norm?

I thought the right wing was well funded, but maybe it is not. Alex Jones (Infowars) sells everything from health remedies to T-shirts, Breitbart are the same. So why are these rich entities selling snake oil?


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