Chris Matthews’ Senate Run:
Serious Bid or Contract Contrivance?

Chris Matthews
[ABOVE: Someone tells Chris Matthews that Keith Olbermann is going back to ESPN.]

What’s a Left Wing Talking Head to Do?

Chris Matthews, the Hardball Boy, is contemplating a run for the U.S. Senate.

Or not.

From Matthews inches closer to Senate run:

Chris Matthews is dead serious about running for the Senate in Pennsylvania — and is shopping for a house in the state and privately discussing quitting MSNBC as proof of his intense interest, according to NBC colleagues, political operatives and friends.

Politico’s MICHAEL CALDERONE & JOSH KRAUSHAAR think it might just be a “negotiations ploy to jack up his contract” on the part of Matthews.

Matthews is receiving some pressure to step down from his “Hardball” spot if he truly is committed to making a run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Arlen Specter (R-PA).

If Matthews is serious about running, some within the network hope he commits to the Pennsylvania Senate race sooner rather than later. Otherwise, his nightly presence on “Hardball” provides easy fodder to critics fueling the narrative that MSNBC is in the tank for the Democratic party. After NBC News was stung by criticism during the presidential campaign — charged with bias resulting from the antics of more outspoken personalities on MSNBC — staffers worry the situation will be repeated over the next six months.

Reactions are mostly skeptical. After all, there doesn’t seem to be a groundswell in the Keystone State for Matthews.

Sister Toldjah, Chris Matthews sets example other partisan journalists should follow:

I applaud Matthews for taking into serious consideration the possibility he’d need to leave the network in order to run for Senate (of course, he should have left it much, much earlier – but then again he wouldn’t have been able to help his fellow mediots with getting Obama elected, would he?). In fact, I encourage every other journalist out there who has a strong bias for one party or the other – who thinks it’s their “job” to help that party – to please follow Matthews’ example, retire from your profession and start pursuing your dream of officially working to advance that party’s principles – whether it be as a politico, an advisor or aide, or working for an advocacy group, or starting your own. Make your biases known upfront instead of continuing to hide behind a phony banner of “objectivity.”

Matthews would have to convince a far more diverse audience that he knows what he’s talking about than his nightly gig at MSNBC demands. Could he pull it off?

One poll–albeit the info is posted at far-left site MyDD–suggests that Matthews is only trailing Specter by 3-4%. But that’s in 2008. What would the political landscape look like in 2010?

Or is this just one item in the Chris Matthews’ “Contract Negotiation Bag of Tricks”?

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by Mondo Frazier
Source: Chris Mathews: MSNBC Wants to Know–Hardball or Senate Run?

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