On International Human Rights Day, Dec. 10, 2007, Chris Kelly, Superintendent of the Vancouver School Board, was asked to resign as a member of the Board of Directors of the United Way of the Lower Mainland.

The request was made by a woman — known in previous posts as the whistleblower –who alleges she became a target of political psychiatry by the Vancouver School Board in Nov. 2002, after announcing her intent to campaign in the then upcoming election about VSB “duplicity” in handling bullying complaints.

This is the second time the whistleblower has asked Kelly to resign from the United Way Board. She first made the request on November 11, 2007. He didn’t acknowledge receipt of the request even though he was asked to.

The whistleblower has the support of Canadians Opposing Political Psychiatry in requesting Kelly’s resignation from United Way. It is the position of COPP that it is hypocritical for Chris Kelly to be using United Way to promote himself as an individual committed to the larger social good, while he has done nothing in response to evidence that “political psychiatry” is being practiced by the Vancouver School Board to undermine political opposition. Political psychiatry practiced by the VSB, according to COPP, is similar to that practiced in China and the former Soviet Union.

Kelly was not an actual instigator of the alleged political psychiatry which led to a request for his resignation. The political psychiatry was instigated in Nov. 2002, while the VSB was searching for a new Superintendent. But when Kelly arrived as Superintendent, he inherited the political psychiatry scandal, a case which on VSB administrator referred to in a memo as “an ongoing problem.”

Failure by Kelly to address evidence of political psychiatry practiced at the VSB resulted in COPP, “as a last resort”, organizing an international boycott of high school diplomas issued by the Vancouver School Board. “Kelly had ample opportunity to avert that boycott,” says the whistleblower. “He knew about it for years before it ended up on the internet.” The future of every student in the school system is being affected by that boycott but, she says, she has never seen Kelly show the slightest concern about it.

United Way nonetheless promotes Kelly on their website as a visionary. In fact, he kicked off the United Way Campaign in September with a speech promoted on their official website as “a powerful vision.”

Even the alleged fraud and misogyny to which the whistleblower was subjected when the VSB arranged for her to become the target of political psychiatry seemed to be within the comfort zone of Kelly.  Read more at Downtown Eastside Enquirer 

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