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The credibility of Christianity and Islam are at risk if believers do not make a stand against terrorism, a top Vatican cardinal said on Friday. In a message of greetings to Muslims at the end of their annual Ramadan fast, the Vatican’s head of inter-religious dialogue said Christians and Muslims ‘respect and value each other’.  

The Vatican greets Muslims at the end of every Ramadan, but this year’s message comes at a particularly sensitive time for relations between the two religions after Pope Benedict made a speech last month which offended many in the Islamic world. 

At another level, a Muslim activist, from Bangladesh, has told a Catholic gathering on evangelization that Christians and Muslims need to complement and collaborate with one another to promote peace and justice in the worldAddressing the Catholic Church’s first Asian Mission Congress on Oct. 20, M. Abdus Sabur, secretary general of Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN, peace), said Christian charitable works have challenged him to encourage his people to take up similar tasks.  

“We want to complement what Christians are doing,” said Sabur, one of four people who shared their faith experiences on the second day of the congress. The 53-year-old Muslim commended the Church for organizing the assembly and bringing together so many people of different languages, cultures and practices to reflect on issues crucial to their faith. “It is unfortunate we (Muslims) cannot do similar things,” he said.  

Sabur, who is from a predominantly Muslim village in a remote part of Bangladesh, noted at the outset that he is not a theologian and what he was sharing stems from his interactions with people of religions other than Islam.  


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