On the Republican side “Conservative Principles” seem to be the holy grail while on the Democratic side the quest is for “Change”. Either way it means pretty much the same thing: ‘elect us and we’ll do whatever we think should be done and then swear to you that its for your own good’.

Sarcasm aside, the difference between the two sides is really more serious and well-defined than that.

Those who will choose John McCain over Clinton or Obama want, at least theoretically, us to keep up the fight against radical Islam, however long it takes and wherever it takes us, until we have made radical Islam so impotent that it is no longer a force in the Arab world.

Those who would vote for Hillary or Barack want us to . . . well that’s the question. They say they want to end the war and bring the troops home, assuming, I guess, that the only reason the terrorists are mad at us is because we are over there and once we are not there they will leave us alone. I would say that they are badly mistaken about the terrorist’s motives and about the result of a troop withdrawal — but that’s just me!

Another major difference between the two sides is their attitudes about the role of government. Now neither the Republicans or Democrats are really in favor of the kind of Government envisioned by our founding fathers. The framers of the Constitution gave the Federal government a very limited role in domestic affairs but gradually that role became larger and larger until today we have such things as Federal subsidies, Federal regulation of industry, Federal welfare and healthcare programs and etc. That’s a far cry from the role of the Federal government as protector and defender of our boarders and the referee in disputes between the states, as was first envisioned. My point is that even though the Federal Government has overstepped its original bounds the two sides in the current political contest have different visions of what happens next. The Conservative side wants to reduce the government’s role (at least they talk a good game) and the Liberal/Progressive side wants to increase the government’s role (“healthcare for everyone”).

Pick your own poison but for my part the Republican’s, have a more realistic approach to national defense and, with two exceptions, a vision of a less intrusive government. Those two exceptions, however, are major!

It is Conservative Republicans who believe that an unborn child has more rights than the American citizen carrying it and who believe that when two woman or two men fall in love, they have no right to enjoy the benefits of or take on the responsibilities of a married couple.

It is intrusive positions like these that have put me in and keep me in the “center”.

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