Chinese officials have begun a campaign to discourage height conscious Chinese citizens against getting a dangerous leg lengthening surgery that has been become a big trend in the country over the last year. The operation is not new as it is a procedure that has been used in clinical orthopedic treatment but the operation was never meant to be used for cosmetic purposes. The operation involves a doctor breaking the patient’s legs and then using a rack to lengthen them. Since growing in popularity, small clinics that are only concerned with profit have set up shop in some of the major cities around China in order to obtain business from the wealthier citizens of China that are growing more and more self conscious about things such as height since more businesses and schools in China have added height requirements. The most common requirement is that women are at least 1.65 meters tall and men are at least 1.7 meters tall. Height is not the only thing that the Chinese are growing self conscious about; women have been flocking to clinics to have breast enlargement surgery.

China agonizes over leg-stretching-by-rack surgery (Reuters)

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