By Marvin Ostrega

The Associated Press published a report on Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 12:34 AM from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, “that a chinese submarine came into shooting range of the USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft carrier group in the Pacific Ocean last month. It was revealed by a US naval commander. What made this quite alarming was that the Kitty Hawk was involved in mock war games.”
Which begs the question: Who was playing whom?

“The admiral, William Fallon, Commander of U.S. Pacific Command implied the mock war games could have then gotten out of control if the carrier group had been staging anti-submarine war games too.”

Luckily, the group wasn’t.

But it begs the question what was the chinese sub doing there? Was it taking an opportunity, to see if it could get in close to a carrier group, during a simulation, to see if it could do so easily during a real war environment? And if so why?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that China is the new Super Power. They have a lot of new ships, missiles, subs, lets just say a lot of military equipement sold to it by Russia. Russia may not be enemies with the US anymore.
Wink. wink.
But they sure do have a lot of questionable allies. You think that first Chinese rocket mission into space was done by China alone? Russia sold them the equipment and China re-enginered it! So to with its military equipment.
All I can say is that while the US was negotiating arms agreements with the then Soviet Union, China was brushed off as kind of a no need to worry about now thing.
But we should worry about them. I admit we have a deal with Taiwan to come to their aid if China atracks them but the thing is should we? If we come to the aid of Taiwan a big red missile may come right to the U.S.’s door step. It will be like the fuse that started W.W.I. Where one country went to war with another country and soon all of europe was in war.
What should we do? In this unstable world we just have keep engaging China. Show them we respect them as an equal. And will work with them to solve problems. The U.S. can’t just say anymore its my way or the highway. To many unstable coutries have nukes. We have to be extending the olive branch.
In the end this sub sneeking up on a carrier group is alarming, but, one has to ask since the Pacific is a big ocean what was this sub really doing there? I think only China knows.
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