Even before the smell of napalm could get completely wafted away from the vicinity of Abbottabad, since this Monday early-morning incident, which, in hindsight, probably had to happen as the continuum of the devastating sense of napalm since 9/11; one more ongoing development is going to drive significant Muslim sensitivity and passion around the world.

And this time, probably, and justifiably so.

It is all about the cause of Palestine, and Palestinians, and Israel policies with its brazen and emboldened occupation of Palestine territories as the world pretends looking otherway,  over the last half of the century (or from 1967, to be precise).

As they say, God help those who help themselves. Unfortunately, a significant and large part of the world, more so in the Middle-East and particularly within the cause of Palestine and its leaders, probably have not yet learnt this dictum, even though the vast majority of the Palestinians suffered silently, or by throwing occassional tantrums, as helpless kids do, due to the double-standards of the Western Civilizations, as has been observed in innumerable instances in global history; none of which probably is as starkly naked and as defining  as the cause of Palestine and that of the Palestinian people. 

All that the Palestinian people have learnt, over more than the last fifty years, is that they learnt practically nothing; even when the common vested and one-sided interests of the united Western Civilizations behind Israel lay bare in front of their eyes.

But those eyes heard no evil, spoke no evil and not even witnessed any evil. As observed with low-level nations and national leaders, most of the nations and regions which were part of Colonial rules until the middle of the last century, we should blame ourselves for the prophecy of  this (disputed) Churchill-quote: 

‘Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. All Indian leaders will be of low calibre and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles.’

Time to congratulate Mahmoud Abbas as he finally realized who the bigger enemy to the cause of Palestine is. He might have never been a rascal or a rogue or a freebooter, but he was Pollyannaish in his expectations from the U.S., from the U.N and from Obama too. President Obama may be enjoying a surge in his domestic approval rating for killing Osama bin Laden; however his global stature would surely get affected by this decision of Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Fatah movement, and a genuine representative of the Palestine cause.

Palestine may not have been India or their leaders may not have been like that of Indians, neither did they face similar types of challenges. But what most of these leaders, freed from Colonial rules after the second world war, lacked is a basic sense in telling them when to follow and support your (mostly democratic) opponent for the bigger cause of the nation.  They simply didn’t understand anything beyond their own beliefs, ideologies and interests.

Most of these leaders of these new-born nations, which at times resemble ‘failed state’ as Pakistan looks like one right now, truly fought amongst themselves for power,  from the Indian sub-continent to the Middle-East. It makes one wonder whether these nations were indeed ready to govern themselves; or what poison did the Colonial rulers left behind that we, residents and citizens of these nations, have not been able to overcome yet, even over the last half-century.

The only poison one can think of is that of the ‘divide and rule’ philosophy. And yes, historically this region had much more diversity than observed anywhere else – be in the U.S. or in Europe – in religious lines and sects, in languages, and in tribal manners and cultures, and in their respective numbers, etc.

But as they say, bad times don’t last for ever. Apparently, after the grand fiasco of Obama-led attempt to find a solution to the long-standing Palestine dispute led nowhere where history repeated itself with such failed attempts from predecessors of Obama; Hamas and Fatah have signed a historical accord to end their rift. This job was long overdue from the Arab League, or from the influential Middle-East players (Saudi Arab or Iran – whoever aspires to be in that position, for the bigger benefit of Shia-Sunni-other factions of the region, and not merely for any regime or sect per se).

But they were either puppet of the West, or pariahs. Arab revolution has been changing that.

Surely the Arab Revolution, of which Israel was worried about, more for ouster of Hosni Mubarak (and its impact on Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty) has started delivering. One must congratulate Egypt, and the leaders of Palestine – irrespective of their permissible different ideologies, to come together for a bigger and better cause. Palestine has its only hope in its own unity, and not in the doors of the White House or the United Nations.

Rather than welcoming this development, a brief observation of BBC’s HARDtalk this morning, of Stephen Sackur with Ghazi Hamad, spokesman for Hamas, alerted me on what is likely to come now. Both the U.S. and the EU members have warned how Hamas idealogy comes in the way of genuine Palestinian aspirations (‘playing the old gramophone’ in the age of YouTube and WikiLeaks), and threatened to cut aid to Palestine, in this pretext.

I am not sure how much of that shortfall can be made-up by the oil and cash rich Arab governments. And aid is just one small part. Any genuine aspirations that can provide Palestinian people their legitimate and justified rights, surely would be met with all types of overt and covert derailing plans.

(This author have had one such experience recently, within Indian political establishment, media and big business groups, regarding Jan Lokpal Bill. The stakes and interests for Palestine are much bigger).

So here comes the role of China. Irrespective of the laudable task achieved so far and so early by a changing Arab World and changing Middle-East, the legitimate aspirations of Palestine and Palestinian people would be lost without the backing of a powerful voice, be it in the UNSC or elsewhere. And the problem is, other than China and Russia, rest three UNP5 members stand united in their definition of human rights and freedom and what not, with their obvious double standards. 

And high time that the rest of the voices across the world also back legitimate and justified demand of Palestine people this time, when they look for:

We will have one authority and one decision. We need to achieve the common goal: a Palestinian state with full sovereignty on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as the capital, no settlers, and we will not give up the right of return’. There are times to examine the speaker and not the content, and there are times to examine the content and not the speaker (Mr. Khaled Meshal, leader of Hamas) or his/her or even the group s/he represents – their ideologies, in the past or in present times, whatever.

Let the diplomats of the world stop playing the old battle of words which have become not only archaic, but also a time-wasting tactics when real people suffer in real time.

Over the last few years, many have been advocating for China’s need to play a bigger role in global affairs. Monopoly, anywhere, is bad. At the same time, China has steadfastly refused to be drawn into these distracting affairs, probably believing still that it is better to  ‘hide one’s capacities & bide ones time’ as Deng Xiaoping might have stated.

There is reason for China to do so. It has very clear priorities, and the priority of the 1.34 billion Chinese people as a collective body come on top of everything else.

Rest of the world must respect same, at the same time, rest of the world would look for someone with the ability to counter the overt and covert means to derail Palestine getting its aspirations met, by standing-up for their rights and aspirations, with the maturity of a state power having a veto in the UNSC, and thereby not allowing these unified Palestine aspirations to be hijacked by vested interests again, as it has happened umpteen times in history. 

A careful analysis may represent that China, if they really engage with Palestine for their legitimate aspirations, would not only do it for Palestine or a global cause; but it would also create a tremendous direct and indirect benefit for China as well, starting with tremendous good will for China, to the opportunity of being a close ally at the heart of the oil-reserves of the world, making China popular amongst the people of the Middle-East and Arab World. 

By doing so, China (along with Russia particularly, with rest of BRICS and rest of the world) will not be against the West or Israel – rather they would be rallying behind a right and a just cause, that somehow the West has mastered to hijack without any real intention or resolve, in the pretext of attempting to find ‘a just and fair’ solution for one party only.

So, contrary to what many would love to see, China has not yet taken up the task of fighting the Fed., when the actions of the Fed., as the supplier of the currency of the world, has not been at the best interest of the world, more so for the poorest people of the world, who have been affected the most by the rising food inflation everywhere. China has not been an exception from that rising inflation challenge, derailing its own growth prospects.

There are times when a nation must stand for its priorities and principles, beyond its national agenda; and thereby, may even find comparatively easier solution to those domestic problems through global discourses at global platforms. Remaining aloof in all other developments that does not directly provoke China may not best serve China’s domestic interests for the longer term.

Much of the developing world and its people would love China to stand up for the just and fair cause of Palestine, beyond diplomatic exchanges alone. Let China not ‘bide for its time’, when the cause is global, justified, legitimate and long-overdue. It did offer Greece bail-out money or business deals, which Greece didn’y need as much as Palestine now needs aid, in view of the first line of retaliation from the West. China offered its heavy weight behind euro when there were doubts for euro’s survival not long ago. China engaged in these issues because China realized euro is needed to counter the dollar, for China’s own interests, and for the interest of the world; and therefore Greece must be supported.

Similarly, same Chinese and developing world interests tell us that China needs to be more involved in global affairs, probably with Palestine, starting today.

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