China, which is known for its internet censorship, could ban youngsters under the age of 18 from using internet cafes, in an attempt to control online gambling and chatting, which it believes to have a negative impact on its younger generation. China already have many regulations and laws that enforce internet censorship and it is now considering a new law to ban youngsters under the age of 18 from internet cafes and to authorize new research studies, which could develop technologies that might prevent online addiction. Yang Jingyu, the chairman of the law committee in the National People’s congress, has reportedly told the Chinese parliament that students would be able to concentrate on their studies, if there were no internet cafes.

China, which has at least 123 million internet users, has deployed one of the most sophisticated centralized system, known as the ‘The Great Firewall of China’, for internet filtering, which blocks pornographic and violent content on the net. The country also blocks some political and religious material on the net, which it believes could lead to a social unrest in the country. The Great Firewall of China or the Golden Shield Project (as it is known in this country) blocks internet content by preventing IP addresses from being routed through and consists of standard firewall and proxy servers at the Internet gateways. 

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