Currently, the United States is the number one country who is applying for the adopting of China’s babies and children. They have decided to become more selective in the type of family that can adopt their babies and children.

According to CNN, such restrictions include:

Among other restrictions, couples must have a body mass index — a measure of obesity — of no more than 40 and be age 30-50, with people up to age 55 considered for children with special needs, according to the agencies.

The rules bar parents who take medication for psychiatric conditions including depression and anxiety or have a “severe facial deformity.”

Having restrictions such as these would seem like common sense. The Chinese government wants their children to be healthy, and have a healthy living environment.

The new laws will be taking effect on May 1rst.

China seems to be attempting to make a better life for its citizens. By increasing standards of adoptions, but also, by increasing the quality of life in its own country, as shown by their new labor laws. According to a previous article on BNN written in November:

China has announced that they are going to crack down on sweatshops in their country. The government plans for the new laws to take place as early as May of 2007. While it will be for all companies in China, the foreign owned multinational corporations are the primary target. All of the Wal-Mart stores in China have already been forced to allow unions.

However, even though they are making better conditions for their people, they don’t mention any word of decreasing the number of adoptions.

According to the CNN article:

The China Center for Adoption Affairs has said it is trying to increase the number of children available by creating a new charity to improve conditions in orphanages and “keep infants and young children alive and well enough to be adopted,” Harrah’s said.

The upcoming changes in China seem to be positive for their people, and their country. They are moving along to democracy, and to a place where people have living wages and more dignity in their lives.

Heather Kuhn is an author, and she writes at Todays News and the Blogger News Network

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