It is reported that Chinese users trying to search on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft websites were being directed to the Chinese search engine. The move is said to be in retaliation for Washington’s award to Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.

If this is done at the level of Haidu, as some allege, it becomes a Cyber Crime. however, if it is true that it has been initiated by the Chinese Government, it becomes part of Cyber War. (Read the Full Story at

It would be interesting to see how the US Cyber Command responds to this challenge.

The incident should also be an eye opener to India how there may be a need for a Cyber Army Unit in India if similar attacks are launched aganst Indian Cyber Assets. having recognized the need for a long term strategy for the protection of Indian National Cyber Space has recommended the setting up of a National Cyber Space Command as an umbrella infrastructure to protect the Cyber Assets of India. (Details here:


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