Self published through Amazon’s Book Surge Division, this children’s book tells of Davey’s experiences at his first day of school. Davey has a very big head that is far out of proportion to the rest of his body. He can’t get on the bus because his head is too big. He gets caught in the jungle gym, is quickly out in dodge ball, and gets found easily during hide-and-go-seek after school all thanks to his giant head. His first day of school wasn’t very good. That night he has a great idea.


On his second day of school, he asks to play soccer and is told yes. Davey gets a uniform and before long is having a blast as his giant head is perfect for a soccer goalie. With cheers raining down on him along with the soccer ball, Davey leads his team to victory.


This is the start of a series, according to author Peter J. Hayden, and it is a very good start. Unlike many books published by Book Surge, the illustrations here are done very well and feature colorful pictures with many details. The text does not clash with the illustrations underneath it and serves to complement the artwork. This book is actually well made and in all appearances comes across as a children’s book from a traditional publisher. Marketed at kids of ages 9 to 12, the book appeals to a lower age range as children in the targeted group may find it way too simplistic for their reading level.


Teaching a message of acceptance and embracing differences, the book works well on a storyline level as well. Davey suffers setbacks and on his own figures out a way to succeed. Something that isn’t always easy to do.


Sure to be a hit with kids, it is going to be a pleasure to incorpate this book into my classes this fall.


Davey BigHead: Dream Big

Peter J. Hayden

Book Surge Publishing


ISBN# 1-4392-2972-4

26 Pages



Material provided through Bostick for the author for my objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple © 2009

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